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Silna Wola - i'm not a rib from your body

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Shared December 26, 2009

The band starts in 1989, but its first name is SILNA WOLA EDKA PINDOLA. The real history begins in 1994, when the band shorts the name to SILNA WOLA, and changes its style: raw crust/dis punk with anarchist message. First album (QRVA SISTEMA/MALARIE RECORDS) helps to get a worldwide audience. With further albums ("Chaos" and "Zero akceptacji...") the bands plays more gigs in Poland and abroad, spreading the words of anarchism. Due to personal reasons SILNA WOLA finishes its activity in 1998, being the part of independent punk scene for one decade. Nowadays none of the band members is musically active, except Crustboy, who plays for London based MEINHOF. "SILNA WOLA is one of those bands when you listen to it , you are sure that it is a man screaming, but then when you see them live you say "What the fuck??!! It's a girl!!" That's how it was in may case! Musically they are not very creative as many songs are quite similar to Doom. But you should check out the lyrics which are highly better. Write to them at (...) and ask for their tapes. They also have a 7" out on Malarie Records (although the same songs are on the first tape) and I have also heard about their 10" which is coming , so don't miss it." - from PROFANE EXISTANCE report on Polish punk scene in 90's. DISCOGRAPHY: -SILNA WOLA s/t TAPE (Qrva Sistema 1994) -SILNA WOLA s/t 7"EP (Malarie Records 1995) -SILNA WOLA "Chaos" TAPE / 10"LP (Qrva Sistema/Malarie Rec. 1996) -SILNA WOLA "Zero akceptacji dla panstwa chiny" TAPE (Qrva Sistema 1997) -SILNA WOLA "Zero akceptacji..." 7"EP (Insane Society Rec. 1997) -SILNA WOLA "1994-1997" CD (NNNW Records 1998)